How to Get Compensation for Abilify Damages and Other Related Facts

11 October 2017

If you or one of your family members have experienced problems with the drug Abilify, you may be eligible to receive compensation for pain and suffering and any other related damages that have been caused by this prescription medication. Since Abilify causes severe issues to its patient’s health, patients are now filing legal claims to receive the compensation that they need to recover. Families are also filing lawsuits for deceased family members when they have died because of this drug. Whatever the situation, it is important that anyone that has been adversely affected know what they need to do to get the compensation that is due to them.

Contact an Attorney for Legal Aid

Because of the vastness of the problems caused by Abilify, there are attorneys in the legal field that specialize in representing these claims. Since the cases that they represent can differ greatly from one to another, these attorneys are trained with the knowledge and expertise to advise their clients and potential clients on what should be done. For instance, one of the first things that an Abilify lawyer will do is to assess the patient’s status to see if they qualify based on the information that they supply. In particular, if they are one of the people who has taken Abilify and has had problems with compulsive behavior like gambling. Unfortunately, gambling and other compulsive behavior have been linked to those taking Abilify as a proven fact so it cannot be ignored as a psychological illness that should not have happened.

Compensation through Court Case or Negotiation

Once the attorney has assessed your situation, they may decide to file the case. If the case has been filed, they may take the case to court for a judgment for the appropriate compensation or they may make seek to negotiate a settlement out of court. In either situation, one of the main goals of the attorney is to seek the maximum amount for the clients that they represent. Typically, amount of damages attached to each case are as follows:

– Pain and Suffering

– Loss of wages because the person could not work

– Medical Bills, as it relates to the illnesses and condition that it causes

– Treatment needed to quit gambling and any other type of compulsive behavior

Abilify Side Effects

Even though Abilify was designed to correct psychological problems that people were dealing with it, reports are stating that it worsened the problems instead. For the young, the thoughts of suicide were some of the side effects that these sufferers experienced. Also, excessive mood swings were noted as signs and symptoms that were linked to taking Abilify.

Side Effects Hid

The side effects were not only hidden from the public but were also kept from the FDA. In particular, the fact that these medications intensified certain psychological disorders including compulsive behaviors. Therefore, anyone who has been taking this drug and has been adversely affected in these and other related manners can be compensated for the pain and suffering and any other related cost and expenses that’s directly related to this claim.


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