Health benefits of CBD consumables

16 May 2019

CBD Consumables: Beneficial to Health

CBD (Cannabidiol) consumables are derived from cannabis and are naturally found in the marijuana plant. There is no intoxication from CBD, unlike THC. Products such as CBD oil are being recognized for potential benefits to health.


Treating Anxiety

Anxiety can be managed with CBD oil. It is believed that it has the potential to change the way serotonin is responded to by the receptors in the brain. The ways CBD aids in the relief of anxiety include:

*Improvement of PTSD symptoms

*Increased heart rate and other physiological effects from anxiety are decreased

*Those suffering from insomnia get to sleep easier

*Stress is reduced



CBD consumables have the potential to treat epilepsy even though the research is still in the early stages. Research is being done to understand using CBD safely in those who suffered from seizure disorders. It is currently used to supplement treatments involving other anti-epilepsy medications.


 Neurodegenerative disorders

The symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders can be made worse through inflammation which CBD oil has the potential to reduce. These diseases cause the nerves and brain to deteriorate. Studies are being conducted in the areas of stroke, multiple sclerosis (MD), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to help understand how CBD oil aids them.


Pain Management

There have been benefits of cannabis associated with the relief of the effects of chemotherapy. Several new studies are also looking into relieving pain associated with a few other injuries and pain causes such as:

*injuries to the spinal cord

*chronic pain

*pain from MS


*muscle pain


Treatment of pain from MS with the MS drug Nabiximols (Sativex) which is a combination of CBD and TCH has been approved in Canada and the U.K. It has not yet been determined if the anti-inflammatory properties are what have the positive effect of pain management.


Reduction in Acne

Acne may be managed with CBD as a result of the reduction of inflammation because of the effects on immune system receptors. Sebaceous glands have been shown to be prevented from overproducing sebum to hydrate the skin. Studies are ongoing.


Treating Cancer

The ability to change the method that cells reproduce and to aid with inflammation are what give CBD the potential to treat cancer. There are some tumor cell types that CBD reduces the ability to reproduce. The documented benefits include:

*Spread of tumor cells is prevented

*Body functions associated with cancer are inhibited

*Growth of cancer cells is interfered with

*Death of tumor cells is induced


Appetite Stimulation and Nausea Reduction

CBD acts as a digestive aid when it is introduced into the brain in high amounts. This is beneficial to those who are undergoing cancer treatments because they have been known to decrease appetite and make nausea increase. This will help to increase the energy of patients so that the body can aid in its own healing.


Research studies are ongoing to determine the full health benefits of CBD oil and other consumables. CBD can be in oil or powder form allowing it the flexibility of being added to various products.