Reasons To Try Microblading For Your Brows

11 January 2019

Microblading has received a lot of recent attention and ardent followers. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can add contour to the face as well as give a more youthful appearance. With the big impact brows make on overall appearance, it is no wonder why beauty enthusiasts are flocking to the microblading trend. Read on for some additional information about the benefits of having your brows done with microbladers.




Some people shy away from having eyebrows tattooed since the process is permanent, deep, and uses tattoo ink. The process is simply too much of a commitment. Since microblading is semi-permanent, people who have it done enjoy approximately 12 months of the appearance of fuller and more defined eyebrows. However, the process is not as much of a commitment as tattooing eyebrows since the coloring does fade over time, until brows return to original appearance. Pigment is also used in the process, rather than tattoo ink, and small hairlike strokes are used. Fading time depends on skin type but enjoying the look for about a year, give or take, is customary.




People with thin or barely noticeable brows often use eyebrow pencils daily to achieve a desired fuller look. This beauty practice take time and the makeup pencil or powder coloring runs the risk of fading away or even smearing throughout the day. This is especially true during any activities that involve wetness, such as even short time time spent outdoors in inclement weather, swimming, or exercising. Also, it is challenging for non professionals to achieve an ideal brow look on a daily basis. With microblading, a beauty professional uses a hand tool to create a natural looking brow, and then individuals can just wake up each day with great looking brows. The process removes one beauty task from the daily to do list, and beauty technicians fully explain the care process during the associated healing time.


Skill Level


When using makeup pencils at home, people run the risk of choosing colors that are not fully complimentary to their individual skin tones. There are also those who attempt to do their own microblading at home. Beauty professionals are trained to evaluate skin tones and to choose complimentary brow colors for procedures such as microblading. Not only this, but beauty professionals are experienced technicians who sterilize equipment. Consider skill level when deciding on a microblading artist. Looking at the healed results of friends or family members or viewing before and after photos on beauty or salon websites is a great starting point. Costs vary, but it is important to choose wisely and remember that you often get what you pay for. In this brow defining beauty scenario, you will literally be wearing your chosen and paid for results on your face.


If you have overly used the tweezers to tweak your brows, or if you just don’t naturally have the full and defined brow look you desire, it may be time to give microblading a try. It is a great beauty enhancer and requires minimal time commitments for actual session times and afterward healing times. It is a way to ensure great brows on a daily basis, even when swimming and exercising. Give it some thought and consider joining this popular alluring trend.