Getting Hair Waves by using a wave brush

01 March 2019

Introduction to hair waves

Hair waves or just waves are a type of hairstyles for people with curly hair whereby the curls get brushed, combed and even flattened to create patterns like ripples. The waves get described in different ways in accordance with the circumference that they cover. Several examples of waves are 320,540 or 720 waves. A wave brush and a durag are needed to create waves in hair. Wave brushes come in different sizes and types from different companies. A durag (a scarf) is normally worn after creating the waves on the head.

The process of getting hair waves

How to get waves, you ask? Using a clean slate, get fresh and impressionable follicles on the hair. This can be achieved by getting a low haircut, like a trim (level-1). Start then to brush as brushing is the most important part of getting waves. This is where wave brushes come in hand. With a low cut, use soft brushes and then harder ones when the hair gets longer. Note that brushing can be hard on the follicles. Therefore you need a moisturizer to feed and nourish your scalp. Be careful while choosing your moisturizer as some might clog your pores and stunt your growth. Do not also over grease the hair by use of excess moisturizer. Apply moisturizer around one to two or three times in a week according to how the hair gets to dry. Wolfing is also another way of getting waves. In wolfing, you refrain from getting haircuts for a long period of time. In this period, brush harder and moisturize well. Hard brushes are encouraged to use since they penetrate to the new growth of hair. Waves then collect during this period to form a recognizable pattern. One can wolf for a period of between 4 and 6 weeks. After that, get a durag. This is a scarf used to cover the head after getting waves. It helps to keep the hair in position especially overnight and also to lock moisture which hydrates the scalp. A durag made of satin helps to retain moisture and also minimizes breakage. You can also use one made of velvet. Durags help to secure the efforts of getting waves.

Cleaning the waves

There is need for washing as you have to keep your hair clean. This can be done once in a week as frequent washing with hair shampoos washes away essential oils created by the body which are useful to the body. While in it, use a conditioner or do co-wash, that is washing the hair with a conditioner only. This help remove dirt without scraping out essential oils which keep the hair healthy and shiny. After washing, remember to moisturize immediately. While in the shower, you can try to brush the hair because it is usually soft and easy to tame then than after.

There are several nice videos on how to wash your waves on youtube: